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Adventures & Experiences

At Torgåsgården Fjällgård you live in the middle of nature's most fun playground!
There is plenty to experience all year round for those who love outdoor life, forests, mountains and adventure.

You can choose to experience the Sälen mountains and the nature around us on your own or join us on a guided tour. Below you will find suggestions for experiences, activities and adventures. Of course you can book a guided tour with us even if you are not staying here at the farm.

Guided tours

We know that it's not always easy to find your way, to find your way out or to find what you want to experience. For those who want to have a guided tour and learn more about outdoor life, local history, nature and experience the hidden gems of the Seal, it is possible to book a guided tour.

We at Torgåsgården are very keen to make sure you get to experience what you want, whether it's mountains and wide views or deep forests and magical scenery. We adapt our guided tours to your wishes and abilities. Our goal is that everyone should be able to come with us into the forest and up the mountain. Ask us and we will be happy to plan a guided tour for you and your party.

Food outdoors

We cook tacos or hamburgers together in the forest, on the mountain or outside on the farm, depending on your wishes. If possible, we cook over an open fire, otherwise we use an open kitchen. All ingredients are sourced locally. Ask for price.                     

Would you rather have coffee? One of our mountain dogs will bring you coffee from the local farm bakery Hjulslätts and we will go to the small waterfall in Valla and have a coffee there. Lots of cuddles and good coffee promised! If you prefer to go with your own dog or without any at all, that's fine too. Ask for price.

Forest bath

Take in nature and open your senses. Breathe, reflect and experience the sounds and healing power of the forest. Minimum 2 guests, maximum 10 guests. Approx. 2 hours. 295,-/person.



At Torgåsgården there are several suggestions for hikes. Some start close to us, others on the mountain. Get yourself a map so you are prepared for your hike. Here you will find the hiking suggestions we have on Torgåsgården.

Canoeing & Paddling

Enjoy floating down the Västerdal River and look for beavers, take a break on one of the sandbanks in the river, swim and have a coffee.

Canoeing from Högstrand to Sälen about 10 km
Including transport from Sälen to Högstrand & life jacket. 2-3 persons/canoe. 2-4 h. 625,-/canoe

Canoe Fulunäs to Sälen about 24 km
Including transport from Sälen to Fulunäs & life jacket. 2-3 persons/canoe 5-7 h. 750,-/canoe

Canoeing in a pond 2h

Paddle in Motjärn at Torgåsgården, including loan of life jacket according to availability. 195,-/canoe

Booked through us.


Do you like to ride trail, gravel, downhill or country roads? Sälen offers many possibilities. Popular Rörbäcksnäs is about 25 minutes from us, Sälen's downhill slopes in Lindvallen about 30 minutes from us, mighty Trysil an hour away by car. Read more on:

Nature photography

The forest is home to all five major animals of the Swedish fauna, elk, björn, wolverine, lynx and wolf, in addition to forest birds and lots of small game, a rich flora and trees that are several hundred years old. On the mountain, the views take over and the setting and rising of the sun offers all the most beautiful colours of the sky. In winter, the northern lights dance in the sky and the stars and moon light up the snow to cast shadows. You'll find inspiration and motifs wherever you go.


With countless waters around us and a lake in the garden, there are many opportunities to fish. In some waters there are stocked game fish too. Of course there are also put n take waters. The nearest 3 min by car from Torgåsgården. Of course you can ice fish in winter. We sell fishing licenses and maps.

Berries & Mushrooms

In mid-July the cloudberries begin and not long after that the blueberries come in full force. Forest raspberries and lingonberries, chanterelles and other mushrooms. There are endless bogs and tall woods to search for the forest's treats.

Cross-country skiing

The southern point of the Kläppens älvspår starts about 900 m north of us. Tracks are often made here and the track is known for its high quality. From Kläppen there are more tracks. Up on the mountain you will find classic routes such as the calf round and to Hemfjällets kaffestuga.

Alpine skiing

The varied and family-friendly slopes of Kläppen are only 5 minutes away from Torgåsgården. There's skiing to suit everyone. From long green slopes that you can ski from the top down to steep black slopes where you get up to speed. Sweden's national arena for snowboarding is in Kläppen, need I say the park is epic? Sälenfjällens slopes in Lindvallen are about 30 minutes from us.


Living pasture

There are several mountain pastures still in use in the area. Mosätra fäbod and Gunnhåbergets fäbod are two that are being rebuilt with animals and traditional practices. you can find more information and directions to Gunnhåberget.

High Altitude Railway in Lindvallen

Dare to climb up and down ropes, plateaus and obstacles? Challenge yourself and your family at


Go abroad for the day to Trysil. Restaurants, shops and beautiful scenery come together in the village and on the mountain.

Fulufjällets national park

Visit Sweden's highest waterfall, Njupeskär, 93 m high and the world's oldest tree Old Tjikko. A day trip to Fulufjällets National Park starting from Naturum will not disappoint.

Sixten Jernberg's museum

The Sixten Jernberg Legend Museum in Limedsforsen has collected everything worth knowing about this great skiing hero of the 20th century. Did you know that he trained by running across the moor in his heavy laggårdsstövler (fjösstevler in Limamål)?

Experium water park

Surf indoors, take a cold bath and enjoy the saunaworld or go for a fast ride in the water rides. Experium different types of baths and activities, all year round.

Clamp summer

Of course you can practice your jumping and skiing all year round, at Kläppen Arena. You land softly in the airbag. There are also skateboard ramps, trampolines, mini golf and disco golf at Kläppen.

Sälen skatepark

The completely free and non-profit Sälen skateboard park in Sälen village north of the sports hall is a popular place for children and young people during the snow-free part of the year. All are welcome.

Things to consider when booking activities

There is no insurance for property damage or personal injury when renting equipment or services. Please check your own insurance in advance.

All activities need to be pre-booked to ensure availability.

If you're already here, we'll try to help book you in anyway.