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You will find Torgåsgården in the midst of one of nature's best playgrounds!
During winter and early spring we have very good opportunities for skiing and snowmobiling.
Do you like hiking, berries and mushroom picking, canoeing, fishing or biking?
Then it is perfect to visit Torgåsgården during the summer and autumn.

For those of you who want to organize a camp, we are happy to give you proposals for good team activities.
Send a request here and we will get back to you!


Torgåsgården is located 1.5 mil south from where Vasaloppet starts.

Our closest track is Älvspåret . You go on the track in Torgås Located about 1 km from Torgåsgården . You can either walk or drive. Älvspåret is 13 km and starts at the Welcome Centre and turns in Torgås, 7 kilometres south of Kläppen. The track starts flat, but a few kilometers before Torgås the track goes into a more hilly part. The entire track is electrically illuminated and it is lit between 06.00 – 22.00 every day. 8 kilometres of the track has artificial snow and as much as possible of the route opens already in November. This part is especially popular for Vasaloppet training. It is not allowed to bring dogs to the track. Here you can go both classic style and skate.

Torgåsgården is also close to Kläppens other tracks and here you can read more about them.


Torgåsgården is located 5 minutes from Kläppen, with Sweden's best snow guarantee. There is something for everyone with varied rides both in terms of downhill and skiing. There are 14 pistes and about 2 km of cross-country trails. Kläppens Snowpark is well known for quality and annually hosts the Swedish championships in snowboarding and skiing. You can try jumping, riding rails and in the halfpipe.

Beginners? Kläppen offers ski school for downhill, snowboarding and skiing. If you don't have your own equipment, then you can rent everything you need at Skidhuset.

SkiStar's destinations Trysil, Lindvallen, Högfjället, Tandådalen and Hundfjället are conveniently located at a car-ride distance.


Torgåsgården is located a few kilometres away from Nice MTB trails in Limedsforsen and a little further afield is Rörbäcksnäs famous trails.

In Sälen there are additional MTB trails and downhill in Lindvallen.

45 min by car and across the border you will find Trysil which now offers "flytstier", downhill, MTB trails and pumptracks that are good for the whole family!

Here you can read more about cycling in Dalarna and Here you can read more about cycling in Trysil.


We are located in the heart of Lima fishing area with more than 100 fishing waters markt on the map. Most of the fishing is in ponds and lakes, but also smaller rivers and Västerdalälven that flow through the area. Here you can fish for trout, char, grayling, rainbow, perch and pike fishing.

Fishing licenses can be purchased from us or in one of the nearby shops. We have canoes and a small rowing boat that you are welcome to rent.

You can see both Motjärn and Västerdalälven from the windows at Torgåsgården.

Here you can read more about the fishing in Lima.


Sälenfjällens flat terrain fits most when it comes to hiking. High mountain air, bright colours and magnificent but easy-to-access nature are nearby. From Torgåsgården, you can see Hemfjället, which is a good starting point for both big and small adventures. During the "downhill season" in Lindvallen you can also take the lift up and down for even easier access. A little further north out is Fulufjällets National Park with Njupeskär - Sweden's highest waterfall. You can also hike across the border and into Norway.

Torgåsgården Offer guided tours for daytrips and make a packed lunch for those who want to order it!

Here you can read more about Allemansrätten and here you can find information about Allemansrätten in languages other than Swedish.


If you are interested in snowmobile there are good opportunities for this in Sälen.
The Sälen area has over 400 km of trails for snowmobile. The trail from Sälen village up towards Östfjället, can take you to Särna, Idre, Loffsen or even up to Riksgränsen. You can also drive east out towards Älvdalen, further down towards Mora or maybe drive south down towards Malung and Värmland. 

Kalfjället, with its expanses and ravines, is a wonderful landscape when you are snowmobiling. 

Snowmobile suits both as a team activity or for those who want to have a beautiful nature experience.

Here you can read more about snowmobile in Sälen and Lima and Here you can see maps of the trails in the area.


Guests at Torgåsgården can always borrow a canoe and a life jacket for a short ride on Motjärnen .

Do you want to embark on a longer adventure with a canoe? Then you can rent our canoes. Even if you are not a guest at Torgåsgården, you can rent our canoes.

Suggested activities

Torgåsgården is the perfect starting point for most of the various activities that the area offers. If you want additional service during your visit, we will arrange everything from barbequing to guided tours. We are happy to help you plan suitable activities during your camp or when you are visiting with us. 

Email us at and together we will make a good plan for your stay.