Torgåsgården can accommodate a busload of guests! In the middle of nature's most fun playground, only 5 minutes from Kläppen's ski resort, you will stay comfortably and of course have the whole house to yourself. We are happy to help you plan your camp and through us you can book guided tours and activities. If you want to concentrate on the group and the participants, we can arrange full board. If you prefer to take care of yourself, self-catering accommodation is available. Regardless, bed linen, shower towel and cleaning on departure are always included.

Full board

When you rent with full board, in addition to bed linen, shower towels and cleaning on departure, our generous mountain breakfast, travel food and filled thermos, dinner and evening refreshments are of course also included. We are on site almost all the time and over the years we have patched up, washed clothes, comforted and got to know an incredible number of lovely and wonderful participants.

On departure we clean the house.


If you want to look after yourself, you can of course rent Torgåsgården for self-catering. Bed linen and shower towels are always included and of course all the consumables are in the house. Upon arrival, information will be handed over to the person in charge and you will then take care of yourself during your stay. When renting with self-catering it is of course possible to book activities etc. in advance through us. Upon departure, you will clean the kitchen and put everything back where it belongs. We will then clean the whole house.


Imagine roasting marshmallows under the stars and maybe seeing the northern lights or stalking moose in the woods. Or how about hiking to Sweden's highest waterfall or going on a lantern walk in the dark and listening to stories about creatures once believed to be in the forest, trees, mountains and rivers. We offer a range of activities. Ask us and we will help you.

Extra services

We have many groups that want help arranging extra services. If you need help with something, just let us know and we will always try to arrange it.

Many guests wish to have access to a rental car(s) during their stay or an extra coffee on one of the days. Others want to swim in the ice or learn more about and cuddle with our mountain dogs. Please ask us.

What our customers say