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  • Dog Room Torgåsgården
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Dog-friendly 4 bed rooms

Price from1,099.00 SEK / Room
Beds4 guests
Shared bathroom Facilities
Shared shower room
Laundry & Drying

For those of you who want to bring the dog on holiday, we have a 4 bed room on the first floor with Windows to the Northeast and out to the car park. This provides a cool room with only morning sun for a short while.
View of the parking (some have with them more dogs that they let stay in the car). The car can be parked just outside the window.

You choose if you want to bring your own bed linen or rent sheets from us. Quilts and pillows are available in the room. There is also a wardrobe for your clothes. Of course you can lock the room.

As our guest you have the opportunity to borrow our kitchen and our dining room.

Do you want to enjoy our breakfast buffet in the morning? Our coffee and our milk are organic and we shop all food locally. A perfect start for an active day! Please pre-order your breakfast by phone and SMS.

In this room there is the possibility of an extra bed. It costs 200 SEK per night.

Information for those who bring a dog:

  • At Torgåsgården there are several good hikes just outside the door when you are going to take a walk with your dog.
  • If you are going off on any excursion where the dog can not accompany, we can help you walk the dog for a smaller fee.
  • The "Dog Walk Box" can be borrowed for free. In it there are studs, flashlight, and dog poop bags.
  • In the summer, there is the possibility for dogs to take a bathe in Motjärn.
  • Usually there are few fireworks in our area, making Torgåsgården a great place for dogs and dog owners who want to avoid fireworks during new year.
  • You can bring your dog as long as it does not disturb the other guests or do damage the interior.
  • The dog can not be in the rest of the house, just in the bedroom.

Here you can read more about our booking terms:

STF members have a 50kr discount per person per night and 25kr for children. If only one member of the family/society is a member, there will be a 50kr discount per night. If two members are, there will be a 100kr discount per night, etc.  To receive the discount, you need to book via STF or by contacting Torgåsgården . Keep in mind that you need to show off your membership when you check in.

Cancellation Rules Torgåsgården - Guest

When booking individual rooms at Torgåsgården the full amount will be refunded until 12:00 7 days before arrival. After that, the full amount will be charged. Guests canceling later than 7 days before arrival will be charged by invoice sent to the booker's email or through third parties (STF,
Bookings valid 20/12-15/1 and v. 6 until v.9, Easter and Vasaloppet's summer week are non-refundable.

On Torgåsgården our guests can only pay by card.

Cancellation Rules Torgåsgården - Camp

When you book the entire Torgåsgården for camps and other similar activitys, the booking is locked when 30% of the amount is paid on our bankgiro 3254-8666
and you have received a confirmation. The remaining amount will be paid no later than 30 days before arrival.

Bookings valid 20/12-15/1 and week. 6 until week.9, Easter and Vasaloppet's summer week are non-refundable.